Room For Us All


Behind The Song

This is a song that grew out of the realization that “no room at the inn” is a story so many refugees on our planet hear today…like Jesus, they are people without privilege or power or a warm bed. It was written also thinking about the refugee and exile that lives inside all of us, who have known at one point or another, what it’s like to not be welcomed - whether that's because of the way we look, where we come from, who we love, what we believe. And it’s also about how hard it is to welcome others in, to open the door, not lock love away. It ends with the affirmation that Jesus’ coming transforms our understanding of who’s in and who’s out and a reminder that “we are on this earth to love.”

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The Lyrics

They said no room 
They said move on 
They turned, turned you away. 
We’ve been there too 
Felt that alone 
Been hurt, been hurt that way. 

Your light came shining 
Into this crying night 
Bringing hope, bringing healing 
Your love revealing. 
Your light came shining 
Into this crying night 
To say it's ok 
there's room 
for all of us here 

Oh but it’s hard 
To open the door 
Not lock, lock love away 
We’ve been there too 
Felt so afraid 
To try, try another way 


We are on this earth to love

Lyrics: Lenora Rand 
Music: Hannah Rand

© 2015 Plural Guild Music