Into The Desert 


This Lenten liturgy was created to speak into that place so many of us find ourselves in these that echoes the experience of the Israelites as they escaped their enslavement in Egypt, only to find themselves “not there yet” - stuck in a desert, wandering through a wilderness for 40 years. In our world today we know this feeling so deeply, especially as we begin to look more closely at our own racism and privilege, when we begin to look at the ways we exclude certain people, out of ignorance, or comfort or fear. And we often feel like, “Wait, we’re good people, and we’ve come so far, been through so much...and what? We still have a long journey ahead, so much work to do?”

Through spoken responses, poetry, music, rituals that invite participation and communion shared on a table set in the midst of the desert - with ideas included on how to bring this desert to life in your space - Into The Desert is a powerful journey through the major themes of Lent.

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