Our Why


We’re the plural guild


We’ve come together to say there’s more than one way to experience God, touch the holy and follow Jesus. Many of us came from places - churches and families and communities - where we were told that wasn’t true. 


We’ve come together because we believe God so loves this world and that loving each other and loving creation is why we’re here. 


We’ve come together because we all need each other, and because we believe in tearing down walls rather than building them, including rather than excluding…all races, cultures, genders, identities, abilities. 


We believe the food tastes better when everyone is at the table. And we come together to join in working for restorative justice, true equity, an end to the violence that’s all around us. And a world in which we all feel like we all belong.


We’ve come together as musicians/writers/artists/thinkers/activists/mystics to create something new. With each other and with God, because we believe God is always creating something new. 

We’ve come together with wounds, admitting we’ve been hurt and we’ve hurt others, and we need healing. We are not perfect. We don’t always get it right. We are committed to learning, confessing, changing, growing.

We come together with questions, with doubts. We come with faith, no faith, and some faith, depending on the day and the hour. We come together committed to being honest about all that. We come together to offer each other space to be seen and known for who we really are. 


We come together to say:

You are not alone. 

I am not alone.

We are not alone.

We all belong here.




We are the PLURAL GUILD.