Tear Down The Walls


This is a liturgy we began working on in the spring of 2017 when, surrounded by all the people calling for our country to “Build that wall!,” we were appalled. But like with so many things, as we began looking a little deeper and wrestling with this in discussions and prayer, we realized that building walls isn’t something new in our world. And it isn’t something that comes out of nowhere. We were struck by the realization that we are all building walls, all the time, and that no walls will come down until we acknowledge and confess our own complicity, our own investment in the walls between us.

This participatory liturgical gathering grew out of that understanding. Brought to life through reader’s theater, music, scripture, story, music and striking visuals, this experience is full of both lament and confession, and is meant to take participants on a journey to commit, with God’s help, to resist the wall-building inside us and around us...which is where we believe real hope can be found. The full liturgy includes notes and resources on how to create this experience in your space.

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Music From The Liturgy

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