cin salach

Poet of page and stage, Illinois Arts Council recipient, four-time Ragdale fellow and Emmy nominee for voice-over and on-screen narration of the PBS documentary “From Schoolboy to Showgirl”, cin has collaborated with musicians, video artists, dancers, photographers, and most recently, healers, chefs and scientists, for over 30 years. She’s published two books and one CD, and lives in Chicago with her son, where her love of poetry and the belief that it can change lives, has led her to create her business, poemgrown, helping people mark the most important occasions in their lives with poetry.


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Daniel White Hodge

With 25 years of multi-ethnic & intercultural youth work experience, Daniel White Hodge, Ph.D., is a recognized urban youth culture expert & cultural literacy scholar. A sought-after speaker, he’s the author four books, including Hip Hop’s Hostile Gospel: A Post Soul Theological Exploration (2017) and Homeland Insecurity: A Hip Hop Missiology for the Post-Civil Rights Context (2018), His next book, Between God & Kendrick: Youth Work in the Post-Soul Era is due out in 2019. 

Dr. Hodge also hosts a highly-acclaimed podcast called Profane Faith, which engages faith on the margins - faith that’s been labeled, profane, non-conformist, and/ or “out there.” In his “spare time,” he is the Associate Professor of Intercultural Communications at North Park University in Chicago, where he chairs the Department of Communication Arts. 


Ken Sehested

Ken Sehested is the editor/author of the online journal, prayer&politiks. Once upon a time he played football at Baylor University, back when few outside Texas had heard of the place (and its sports teams were the ragamuffins of their conference). And a traveling teenage youth evangelist. No longer a teenager, he is still an evangelist, though his understanding of what it means to follow Jesus has changed considerably.

An award-winning activist and author, Ken’s greater honor came when a four year-old granddaughter memorized and recited his favorite Mary Oliver poem as a Father’s Day gift. His most recent books are Peace Primer II: Quotes from Jewish, Christian and Islamic Scripture & Tradition (published by the Baptist Peace Fellowship) and two collections of litanies, prayers and poems, In the Land of the Living and In the Land of the Willing (Wipf & Stock).



Enfleshed was created out of a deep longing for spiritual resources that speak in our time to the things that matter most.

With a commitment to spiritual and theological depth and the centering of marginalized experiences, conversations, and communities, enfleshed seeks to provide liturgy, devotionals, curriculum, preaching, training, and pastoral care that addresses honestly, tenderly, and directly, the beauty and pain of living enfleshed lives.