Know Your Why

How to develop a manifesto that’s purpose-filled and inspiring.

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Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk “Know Your Why” took the advertising world by storm several years ago and today defining and claiming your true meaning and purpose is seen as paramount to a business’s success. Apple knows their why, so do brands like Nike and Lululemon – and many of these companies have a manifesto to prove it.

Churches often have some sort of official vision, mission or creed statement, but rarely are these written as an inspiring rallying cry. Mostly they end up buried someplace on a website or framed in the fellowship hall. But what if you could change that? What if you could develop a manifesto that would be a living, breathing, daily-inspiring statement of your why?

Led by Lenora Rand, who’s worked for years in advertising, helping some of the world’s top companies name and claim their purpose and who’s also led a number of individual personal manifesto-writing experiences, this workshop is designed to help churches and faith-based groups get quickly to a powerful statement of purpose and develop a manifesto that can inspire, motivate, and help you articulate your why in a way that deeply connects with others.