We Stand


Behind The Song

We wrote this song to join in the We Stand With Love movement (westandwithlove.org), people "coming together to say NO to the hate rhetoric that threatens to divide us and YES to more just and generous ways of living with and loving one another..." 

Special thanks to Brian D. McLaren, Glennon Doyle Melton and many others who are leading this effort to "stand with love."

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The Lyrics

We’ve all been hurt. 
And yes we feel confused 
So much is wrong 
But is there anything we can do? 

Where is the hope? 
When there’s so much pain 
So much is broken 
Can it be whole again? 

We can just stay in this place 
Or go our separate ways. 
We can just stay in this place 
Or go. 
Or we can stand 
We can stand 
together with love. 

We stand, we stand 
We’re gonna stand with love 
We’re gonna stand with love  (repeat)

Let us not sit in judgment, 
Or only bow in prayer 
Let us not leave in anger, 
Or stay in our despair. (repeat)

But by the grace of God, 
Let us stand together with love. 


Lyrics: Lenora Rand 
Music: Hannah Rand

© 2016 Plural Guild Music