Together at a Time Like This 

Exploring New Ways To Do Church

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The average age of the people attending churches in most mainline denominations these days is close to 60. Yes, that’s the average age. Religious “nones” now make up about 25% of the U.S. adult population. And their numbers are growing. Coming out of the culture-shaping events and technologies of the last 20 years, Millennials, are not only highly connected, they’re also deeply cynical about institutions, incredibly pluralistic, and very aware of the contestability of belief.

So what does all this mean for the local church? Can we continue with business as usual? Do we just need to put a new or better coat of paint on the old ways we’ve been doing things?  Or do we need to start all over, reimagine and recreate the church, from the foundation up?

This workshop will create space for discussion around our current realities, and propose some new ways of looking at church. In it we will share examples of how some communities of faith are answering these questions and introduce strategies to live out the life of faith more justly, honestly and generously, in ways that resonate with the world we’re living in today.