Laura Parrott perry

Laura is a blogger and author of She Wrote it Down: How a Secret-keeper Became a Storyteller. Her work has been featured on The Huffington Post, in Boston Magazine, on Trigger Points Anthology, and No Make-Up Required.  Laura is a frequent public speaker on the topics of shame, trauma, addiction, and story.  She has been a contributor at The Wild Goose Festival for the past several years and a guest on numerous podcasts, including Poema, Spiritual Charlotte, The Practical Minimalists, This Good Word and A Wish Come Clear’s ‘You Need to Read’ series. She currently works in the field of substance abuse recovery.

She is co-founder and CEO of Say It, Survivor; a non-profit committed to helping survivors of childhood sexual abuse reclaim their stories as part of the path to healing.


Kenji Kuramitsu

Kenji is a writer and graduate student living in Chicago. He is completing his Master of Divinity at McCormick Theological Seminary and his Master in Social Work at the University of Chicago. Kenji is the author of A Booklet of Uncommon Prayer: Collects for the #BlackLivesMatter movement. He has served on the boards of directors of the Japanese American Citizens League and the Reformation Project.


Micky Scottbey Jones

Micky is a perpetual learner, “justice doula”, consultant, facilitator, mama/sister/friend, nonviolence practitioner and contemplative activist living just south of Nashville, TN. After 10 plus years as a mother-baby specialist, trainer and author, she decided to shift back to earlier interests: theology and community development. She is a member of the co-learning community of NAIITS (North American Institute of Indigenous Theological Studies) and graduated with a Masters of Arts in Intercultural Studies.

Micky believes in traveling the world while spreading revolutionary love, engaging in authentic conversations, and participating in transformative experiences – and most importantly – she never passes up a dance floor.