Remember Mercy


Behind The Song

When it feels like all hope is lost, we need to remember God’s mercy. That’s what Mary’s Magnificat from Luke 1 tells us. It throws into bold relief what's wrong with the world, yet in the midst of the cries of pain, there are also cries of praise -  the testimony that things are bad now but God is not going to let them stay that way forever. In this song, we wanted to bring this scripture to life as a straight-out gospel song, a music born out of the African American experience of slavery, racism, suffering and the struggle against oppression. So the tune was written as a collaboration with one of our long-time friends, and Chicago gospel music legend, Elsa Harris.  

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The Lyrics

My soul magnifies You Lord 
My soul glorifies You Lord 

For You have seen me, known me 
You have not forgotten me. 
You have filled me with good things 

You O Lord, remember mercy. 

We will Magnify, Glorify 
You oh Lord, hear the hearts that sigh 
You oh Lord, make the humble rise 

You O Lord, remember mercy. 

From generation to generation 
You O Lord remember mercy

Lyrics: Lenora Rand 
Music: Gary Rand & Elsa Harris

© 2015 Plural Guild Music