Love Is Here


Behind the Song

Sometimes, when you're tired and worn out, when it seems like hate and greed and fear and inhumanity are winning, it's hard to believe God's love is real, and it's enough, and it's HERE. Sometimes all you can do is sing what you want to believe, and maybe then, you can start to believe it again. 

This song is about that.

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The Lyrics

Verse 1
I feel empty, I am worn out 
There’s so much I cannot see. 

But your love, they say, has open arms 
Your grace is waiting for me 

Oh I want to rest in those strong arms 
Yes I want to trust in my heart of hearts 
That your love, that your love is here (repeat)

So I will sing: 
Your love is here 
And it’s greater than our doubts. 
You love is greater than our fear 
Yes, I will sing 
Your love is here 
And it sees our broken hearts 
And somehow it can heal 
Your love is here 

Verse 2
I am scared, I am scarred. 
There’s so much I can’t believe. 

But your love, they say, is like a river 
Mercy will just wash over me 


We don’t have to be strong 
We don’t have to be sure 
We don’t have to be right 
We don’t have to see any blinding lights 

We can just be. 


Lyrics: Lenora Rand 
Music: Hannah Rand

© 2017 Plural Guild Music