Let’s do dinner church

How dinner church can be a life-changing experience. And how to host your own.

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Dinner Churches are happening all over the country these days. Among all kinds of congregations, denominations. Many even among people who’ve given up on the “traditional church” all together.

Inspired by the way the early Christians gathered (as described in Acts 2:46), dinner church has become a way to participate in the simple yet powerful ritual of sharing food around a table, and in the process share more honestly about ourselves, truly listen to each other, and connect more deeply with others.

In this workshop we’ll share some examples of the way groups around the country and all over the world are coming together in new ways around tables as a way to be more connected to each other and to God. We have also been thrilled to be able to plan and host a number of dinner churches around the country, and so we will also guide you through the process of hosting your own dinner church experience, including preparation ideas for those who’ve never planned a dinner church before, suggestions on music, and how to actually get people there.

The workshop can also culminate with a dinner church gathering led by The Many – so workshop participants can experience first hand one way it can be done.