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want to experience Lent in a different way this year?

Would you like to walk through Lent in a way that helps you take in more than you give up…more awareness, more connectedness, and more compassion for yourself and for this aching little planet we all share? This can help.

Our Pre-Lenting Guide to Getting Ready is a FREE 20-page downloadable e-book we put together for you (and actually for us, too!), a quick and easy read that offers some simple, doable and mindful ideas to help you prepare to have a more meaningful experience of Lent. Just download it here and use it in whatever way works for you. We hope it will help you feel inspired, surprised, challenged, affirmed and most of all, welcome to prepare for and practice Lent in a way that feels like it honors exactly who you are.

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Looking for even more?

Longing for a way to reflect and find a greater sense of connection to God, your own heart and the heart of the world each day of Lent this year? Our e-course called:Lent Another Way” can help. Designed to be an eye/mind/soul-opening way to experience Lent, it will include daily emails sent to your in-box and it will begin on Ash Wednesday, March 6, 2019 and will run through Easter Sunday, April 21. Learn all about it here.