A Blessing for Friendship with Your Own Soul by Gareth Higgins

This is a blessing Gareth Higgins wrote, and read on Sunday morning at the Wild Goose Festival 2016. We asked if we could share it here. And thankfully he said, Yes.

You deserve to be known by the miracle of a day.
You are cradled through the night, the dusk affirming yesterday’s work.
You don’t just wake. You awaken unto something.

The miracle of a day.

What can happen in a day?
Stand in front of the mirror and repeat twenty times

‘I’m super-cool, and beautiful, and thrillingly alive.’

In the shower, be gentle with your skin, as if you were caressing a Rodin sculpture of a nude woman.
Pick up the first piece of trash you see, and turn it into an origami Yoda.
Make breakfast as if you were making love, and eat it that way too. Make sure no one’s looking. This time is for you. 
To ready yourself for the miracle of a day.

Your day.

Go out into the world of wonder - trees and cars and roads and buildings and books and restaurants and computers and desks and the greatest wonder: people!
Oh, people, fucked-up and gorgeous; alive and dying; deceitful and trying; and trying hard to be good.
They need you. We need you. Show us your love, and your origami Yoda. Hold yourself like you believe in your own glory - not more than or less than others, but inviting them into the same. 
Take delight in your foibles. Laugh when you lose your keys (again). Smile a wry smile at the first fifteen sexual fantasies that interrupt your conference call. 
Stretch your arms and legs and neck and let your voice transcend Whitman, for goodness’ sake: make it a beatific yawp!
Take yourself out to lunch and enjoy the sacrament of interruption that is queuing and choosing and eating.

Look up at the sky!
Look up at the sky!
Look up at the sky!

This is your roof.

Know that you’re not the only one thinking this. And that both of you are right.

Then, when the working day is winding down, 
readying itself to give way to rest and play, 
find someone who needs your smile.

Give it to them. And you’ll never lose it.

May you find the Anam Cara within. 
Soul Friendship with yourself, 
that opens unto others, 
makes a home for them, 
and transfigures your inner life.

May you be the friend to yourself that we are all waiting for.

Lenora Rand