Holy Is Your Name


Behind The Song

This song came out of reflection on The Magnificat, Mary’s poem of resistance and hope from Luke 1. So many of us have these pictures of little Mary, meek and mild, gently laying her child, etc. etc. In truth, if you read the words in Luke, it’s clear, there’s nothing meek and mild about her. When Mary realizes she’s pregnant, she goes off to visit her cousin Elizabeth…maybe to lay low and keep this whole unwed mother thing quiet. But when she gets there, something happens, and she breaks into a song. The words that come out of her mouth are nothing short of badass, nothing less than revolutionary. In Holy Is Your Name” we tried to capture some of that spirit, and praise the God who sees and loves all who suffer, the God’s who’s ushering in a new day when “the poor will see that all hope’s not lost and grace flows free.”

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The Lyrics

Verse 1 
You have seen me in my sorrow 
You have heard me in my pain 
You have known me in my suffering 
You have loved me in my shame 

And I sing 
Holy, holy, holy is your name 
And I say 
Glory, glory, glory to your name 
The angels and the heavens sing 
Of the new day that You bring 
They sing
Glory, glory, glory to your name 

Verse 2 
You have held me in my questions 
You have heard me when I pray 
You have looked on me with favor 
You have never looked away 


The proud will fall 
And the poor will see 
That all hope’s not lost 
And grace flows free 


Lyrics: Lenora Rand 
Music: Hannah Rand

© 2015 Plural Guild Music