“Everyone is welcome here. Sort of.”

What does it really mean to be LGBTQIA inclusive?  Versus just “welcoming…”

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“Everyone is welcome here.” These four words are plastered on signs, typed in bold on bulletins and emblazoned on church websites these days as a way to let LGBTQIA people know they are open to having people like “them” in their worship and part of their congregational life. But what does your welcome really mean? How far does it go? Are you clear about it? Are the folks in your church clear? And is “welcome” even a word we should be using?

Led by LGBTQIA+ advocate Darren Calhoun, who, along with being a part of The Many, serves on the board of The Reformation Project and Q Christian Fellowship, Darren will share personal stories of how he was “welcomed” into churches and explore practices that can help your church become a place where LGBTQIA Christians and their allies can truly belong.