Body-Loving Worship

How to create worship experiences that embrace our bodies…all kinds of bodies…as God does. 

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Over the winter 2018, we began talking about how we are "fearfully and wonderfully made" but about all messages in our culture (and sometimes our churches) that tell us we are too dark, too queer, too different. And we talked about that time when Jesus said, "This is my body..." without shame, without apology. 

So we began to brainstorm about songs and liturgy that might help us live into the truth that we are God’s beloved creation and our bodies are good.

The song “These Bodies” came out of that as well as a liturgy called This is My Body  – an experience that brought together music, spoken word, visual elements, and movement in a journey through lament and confession, culminating by reclaiming our bodies through the celebration of communion. And we’ve been bringing this experience around the country to various churches, seminaries and conferences.

Each time we share it, people have spoken to us afterwards about what a need there is for more worship experiences that embrace our bodies.  So we’ve developed this workshop to walk participants through both the importance of body-loving worship and how to actually do that in your own church – not just through one “special service” but on an ongoing basis.