Shawna Bowman

Shawna is the pastor of Friendship Presbyterian Church in Chicago (they meet in a train station, pretty cool huh?).

She also paints for worship services, poetry slams, conferences and story-telling events, and for the last several years has curated the Art and Storytelling tent at the annual Wild Goose Festival.

Shawna is intensely curious about the role of art in worship, what it means prophetically, liturgically and theologically and would love to talk to you about that.

Here in Chicago and around the country, Shawna regularly teaches art-making as a spiritual practice. For information on workshops and retreats or to invite Shawna to consult, collaborate or paint in your worshiping community, send a note to her at


Lanecia A. Rouse Tinsley

Lanecia Rouse Tinsley is a multidisciplinary artist who specializes in abstraction. Her portfolio also includes a range of work in photography, painting, teaching, writing, and speaking. She is the owner and creator of LAR Art Studio and works primarily out of Studio D, Hardy & Nance Studios in Houston, TX. 

Lanecia creates work that draws upon her travels-- the life, palettes, textures + stories she discovers there. Her work also explores the "negative spaces" in life--those times of ambiguity + uncertainty, silence + mystery through subtle textures, color, markings + layers to create a history within the work. 

A wonderful collaborator and one who inspires artistic expression in others, Lanecia’s gifts enhanced the W/ National Gathering and the Mystic Soul Conference in 2018. She’ll also be speaking at the Why Christian Conference in 2019, and leading a number of other creative workshops around the country.


Cynthia Von Orthal

Von Orthal puppets is dedicated to bringing children and adults quality cultural experiences in the puppetry arts. Their hope is to inspire the creative imagination in others.

Their performances integrate story, music, and various puppetry techniques to bring this ancient and magical art form to life.

Von Orthal Puppets have been captivating audiences for over a decade. Combining traditional European, Japanese and American puppetry techniques, their unique style blends imagination, music, story, and expressively alive characters known for high artistic quality.