The Wilderness - Songs for Lent


The Wilderness - Songs for Lent

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Track Listing:

Only Grace


Lovely Needy People

Must Not Have Known

Forgive Us

Room For Us All


These songs are for people of faith and doubt, rooted in many voices from gospel to indie, pop to folk. Songs meant to accompany you on the forty days and forty nights of Lent. Songs made to sing together. Songs for those who seek justice, long to live in kindness, walk humbly, and follow the God who so loves us all. 

The liturgy that accompanies these songs was inspired by Jesus' 40 days in the wilderness where he faced his demons, sat with all that is hard and mysterious and painful, within and without. It is an invitation, during Lent to follow Jesus into this rocky, desolate place to examine ourselves, to face our fears, our temptations, our sorrows, our aloneness, and to listen for the still, small voice that calls us to refuse to be numb, calls us to wake up, be alert, look into the eyes of the other gods we worship on a daily basis – success, money, power, comfort, security – name them and confess them and find the path of holy resistance. 

A PDF with sheet music for all the songs is included in the download of the album.