If you like what you see and hear here, you might also want to check out these other writers, musicians, artists, thinkers, groups. All of whom do work we admire. 


Cin Salach is a Chicago-based poet, widely published in journals and anthologies and author of two books of poetry. She is also the consummate collaborator, performer, and poetry workshop leader. An Illinois Arts Council recipient and four-time Ragdale Fellow, Cin was co-founder of an award-winning after-school poetry program in the Chicago Park District.

Frequently leading liturgical writing workshops, Cin guides participants in responding to scripture and other prompts, helping them explore their questions and hopes and spiritual longings in a safe, welcoming space. She has also  written pieces specifically for worship at Chicago's LaSalle Street Church. In the coming months, she will be writing some poetry and liturgical responses specifically for The Plural Guild. 

Over the last several years, Cin has also been working with individuals and groups to craft custom poetry, poetry written for important moments, celebrations and rituals. She often partners with ceramic artist, Tracey Steffora, who takes a line from the poem and carves it into a hand-thrown stoneware mug, bowl or vase.





Salt Project is an Emmy Award winning, not-for-profit production company dedicated to the craft of visual storytelling.  The videos they make articulate a vision of God, and what God might be up to in this world these days, in a way that is thoughtful and provocative, inspiring and artistic. Their mission is to give even small churches, with small budgets, the ability to inspire and motivate their congregations with inclusive, justice-oriented and beautiful short films which can be used on websites, social media and during worship. Elizabeth Myer Boulton, the creative director, is an artist with a real ability to show and not just tell. Ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), her many years of preaching and pastoring have refined her ability to engage an audience with compelling content. http://www.saltproject.org




Visual Art

Shawna Bowman is a visual artist and pastor of Friendship Presbyterian Church in Chicago. She writes reflections on the lectionary and shares her quirky, beautiful take on things, trying to give us all hope, and possibly deepen our engagement with what, as she says,  "...we lovingly and sometimes begrudgingly call our Holy Scriptures..." on her blog at ShawnBowman.com  You can also find her work on Tumbler.







In music which is being written for Christian worship gatherings, The Brilliance are doing truly brilliant things. They are creative, thoughtful, and committed to trying to make work that is accessible to many. On NoiseTrade they are described this way: 

"The Brilliance is one of an emerging new breed of Christian artists who are taking our nature as "storied" creatures seriously and putting forward a sort of "new liturgy" which both honors the past and points the way forward into the future.Their music is about our story, exploring the essence of who we are as God's creation and as His reflection. Taking their musicality to new heights, blending strings, keys, percussion and voice, along with poetry and prayer, The Brilliance appeals to diverse audiences — across generations, denominations, and cultures." 


Other musicians we are inspired by and suggest you check out include:


Jill Phillips

Andy Gullahorn

Pat Terry


What follows is a list (and links) of writers, thinkers, makers and collectives who have and continue to inform and inspire our own work and thinking. If you haven't discovered them already, we hope you'll check them out.