Justice Begins With Tears- Creating Space and Time for Lament.

This is a gathering to lament some of the broken places in our world and our lives right now, developed for the OPEN FAITH 2016 CONFERENCE.

Click through this gallery to read through the litanies and prayers, and see the stations of lament created for it. Hear some of the music included in this gathering and download  a pdf below.

For this experience, we had four stations for lament, however, if you are planning worship gatherings for a congregation or small group that meets weekly, you might want to have a different station available each week, so you could spend more time with each one. 

Photos of stations by Lenora Rand, except close up of the bullet-casing cross which was provided by Rev. Dr. Katie Hays, Galileo Church's Lead Evangelist, Mansfield, Texas.