I don’t know what you’ve heard about me. Everyone has heard something it seems. When I got pregnant, before I was married to Joseph, there was a lot of talk about me. None of it anything I’d want to repeat with small children present if you know what I mean. 

And then later, much later, after Jesus was born and grown, after he died and rose again, many of his followers began saying different kinds of things about me. About me being special in some way. Saint Mary or something. 

I just want to be clear. I was simply an ordinary girl. And ordinary small town girl with all the regular small town girl dreams and fears and desires. I slept and ate and worked and just lived, like you do. Everyday, just living. 

But then extraordinary things started happening to me. An angel making pronouncements in my bedroom. Carrying God’s child in my womb for 9 months. Giving birth to the whole world’s hope one night in a dingy stable. 

Through it all I kept wondering, why me? I’m nothing special. Why would God choose me? That night, after the labor was over and the baby was born I finally got some kind of answer. I was holding Jesus in my arms and I was feeding him from my breast. And he was hungry. He was thirsty. And I suddenly realized, this is what God is like. This is how hungry God is. As impossible as it sounds, God is that hungry for us. That hungry to be close to us. Thirsty for us in our very earthliness. In our complete ordinariness. 

Our ordinary human lives are like sweet mother’s milk to God.It came to me that night, what I’d never even glimpsed before. It came to me that what God really wants is to be with us and to drink us in. To simply drink us in and enjoy us. God stepped out of heaven to be born on earth as this tiny baby just to be closer to us. 

And I saw, that night in Bethlehem, that when we let God do that, when we let God get that close to us, as close as a mother and her newborn babe, we can finally see how extraordinary each moment of our lives is. And we can finally see how precious and loved each of us, each human being in this world, truly is. 

So...when you speak of me, when you say what you’ve heard about the mother of Jesus, say, “Mary was just an ordinary girl who discovered God’s extraordinary love for her.” 

Oh and by the way. Not just for me. For you too. For you too.”